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Physical Education

Physical Education Rules

Classroom Rules:

I will: WEAR GYM SHOES EVERYDAY. (If your child wears boots, sandals, flip flops, dress shoes, etc. please have them bring a pair of gym shoes for P.E. to keep in their cubby.)

Follow all directions the first time. Look, Listen and Try to the best of my ability. Show respect to teachers and classmates by using only acceptable language and behavior. Keep hands, feet and objects to myself. Share equipment and take turns.  Follow all safety rules.  
Safety Rules:

No throwing rocks, dirt, shoes or any objects not made for throwing. Walk quietly with "paws in place" when lining up, entering and leaving the gym. Do not push, pull, hit, trip or kick.  Leave candy, gum and ALL toys in the classroom. Girls should wear shorts under skirts or dresses.  ***NO jewelry and wear soft-soled athletic shoes (sneakers). NO flip-flops, sandals, boots, crocs, or any shoes with a heel. GYM SHOES ONLY.

Excuse Notes:

You must have an excuse note (note from parent or a note from a Doctor) to sit out of P.E/Recess. A note is good for up to 3 days after which a doctors note is required. Any dismissal for longer than 3 days requires a note from a doctor. If a child has missed P.E./Recess due to a doctor's note then a doctor's note IS REQUIRED for the child to return to P.E./Recess. Your child should give his/her P.E. note to their teacher in the morning to be signed by their classroom teacher before recess or bringing it to P.E.  


Game Plan -

PE Grading Policy

Parents will be notified if their child’s grade is below an S and provided an explanation.  This will be done via a phone call, email or remind message.

The following grade scale will be used to determine a child’s grade.  Each graded TEKS will be assessed on a scale of E,S,N,U with E being the highest grade possible.  

Due to the nature of physical education, participation will factor into the grades.  Each student’s grade will be impacted due to skill development along with the following conduct factors:

  • Participation,
  • Behavior (being removed from an activity due to disruption or unsafe behaviors),
  • Lack of appropriate shoes

E – will be given to the student who tries daily and goes over and beyond the expectation for each activity according to the TEKS and exhibits appropriate conduct

S – will be given to the student who tries daily and reaches the expectation for each activity according to the TEKS and exhibits appropriate conduct

N – will be given to the student who tries daily but may not reach the expectation for each activity according to the TEKS and exhibits inappropriate conduct

U – will be given to the student for non participation and/or exhibits inappropriate conduct

If a student has a U, we will utilize strategies to improve the student’s understanding of the expectations and/or make steps toward accommodations for behavior.

 Docs – P E Grading Policy

conference time: 10:45-11:30


Karen Craver - P.E. Assistant

Fitness Fridays Fitness Friday has not officially started, but should start up in the next few weeks. Coach Wyman will let us know when students are ready!

Students walk on the school playground each Friday for 30 minutes during their P.E. time.  Each child has a card with their name on it that they carry with them as they walk.  Each round of the playground that they make is marked on the "mileage card".  This mark represents 1/4 mile walked.  Upon completing 5 miles a token is given representing this great accomplishment.  The initial token is in the form of a necklace or keychain giving the students a place to keep up with their future rewards.  

We are keeping up with the total miles walked and are mapping our success.  We will start out by walking across Texas then move on the various other places in the United States.  

Your participation and support of this program will go a very long way in keeping our students encouraged.  Please, please consider participating in Fitness Friday. 

We would like to extend an invitation to you, the parent / guardian to join us on Fridays for a 30 minute walk around the playground.  
Your child will be given credit for the laps that you walk.  (Credit will only be given to one child at a time.)  If you would like to join us please refer to the chart below for the grade level times that they will be walking.  

Head Start ~ 12:00 - 12:45 pm

Kindergarten Walking Time ~ 1:30 - 3:00 pm
First Grade Walking Time ~ 8:15 - 9:45 am
Second Grade Walking Time ~ 9:45 - 11:20 am

Procedures for visiting walkers are as follows:  Dress in comfortable clothing/shoes.  Bring your driver's license to the main office of the Primary School  (Please come early.  The lines in the office for check-in are sometimes long).  Once you have checked in at the office the staff will direct you to the gym where you will meet up with your child.  

We look forward to seeing you in the near future!  

**Please note ~~ The walking path will be closed on inclement weather days, days when the temperature drops below 40 degrees and/or the wind is 15 mph or higher. ** 

Benefits of Walking:

America Walks

The Walking Site

Walk for Life

A fun online way to keep up with your steps / miles walked AND possibly win a free T-SHIRT:

Log It - PE Central

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